October 2013 - Tall Can

Tall CanTall Can, known affectionately as TC, has been involved in roller derby in Santa Cruz since it's early beginnings in 2007. Long-time fans will recall her kicking butt as a skater on the original all star team as well as at home team games.

In 2009, with the establishment of the Santa Cruz Derby Girls, TC was elected as the league's first ever Executive Director. A strong and tenacious leader, TC helped lay the groundwork of the league, and put SCDG on the path toward becoming a member of the WFTDA.

TC filled her plate, simultaneously serving as a member of the SCDG Track Pack as both a skating ref and non-skating official. Unfortunately, her training for placement on a team was sidelined by a series of concussions, which left her unable to skate competitively. It was then that TC took on one of her most influential and important roles on the league - that of Seabright Sirens Coach. For the past years TC has embraced the Sirens wholeheartedly, training the league's newest members and supporting the upward movement of skaters.

In case you're still not convinced that TC is one of the most badass, well respected and toughest derby girls in the league, TC battled and successfully overcame Leukemia recently, all the while helping to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society through her participation in mini triathlons and extensive hikes!

From inception to the present, TC has contributed immensely to the league, and this season has additionally been serving as Bench Coach to the WFTDA Division 2 Championship Contenders, the Boardwalk Bombshells. Watch for her on your computer screen during Championships this November!

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