January 2014 - Inflict Her Pain, #29

Inflict Her PainIn 2009, Lucero Robles attended a Santa Cruz Derby Girls bout. After watching the women on the track, she decided that she was ready to find her “thing” and roller derby just might be it. With little previous athletic experience and having never before played a team sport, she tried out, joined the league, and excelled quickly, transforming into the skater we now know as InflictHer Pain. 

InflictHer played on the Hellcats for one season, pioneered a role as a “Shellcat” (she played for both the Bombshells and Hellcats) for one season, and quickly found her groove as a full time Bombshell member in 2012. After two seasons playing exclusively with SCDG’s A-level team, InflictHer Pain has become an integral member of the Bombshells and was voted by her leaguemates as Most Feared on the Track. InflictHer’s devastatingly hard hits and precision timing send jammers and blockers alike flying. She has been described as quiet but deadly, is a great team player and is always working effectively with her pack. InflictHer is true to her name and many skaters will attest to the pain inflicted by her hits. Her strength and skill helped boost the Bombshells to the first ever Division 2 Championship bout in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2013, where she was quoted as saying that making it that far was her equivalent of reaching the Olympics.

Despite the fear and pain that she imposes on the track, she also has another side on wheels. InflictHer Pain is a bootcamp coach and her positive and nurturing attitude has helped to bring some of the sport’s newest players up to speed with the basics of roller derby.

Off the track, InflictHer has spent her time in the league overhauling and streamlining the Sponsorship Committee. Her organization and leadership as Co-Point of the committee has brought about positive changes and helped to secure and maintain many high-level and critical sponsors for SCDG.

It is safe to say that InflictHer Pain has indeed found her “thing” and fans and skaters alike are thrilled to have her as a member of the Santa Cruz Derby Girls!

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