April 2014 - Chonji, #96

ChonjiThough possessing a quiet and calm demeanor that feels more meditative than murderous, Chonji is a presence to be reckoned with on the track. Chonji, which is a Korean phrase meaning “heaven to earth,” might as well mean "above and beyond." She is truly one of the most dedicated and passionate league members we have!
Chonji, who trained for years in martial arts, entered boot camp in the summer of 2012. She handedly passed tryouts, made the Fresh Meat ranks, and now skates as an essential member of the Seabright Sirens - pivoting and leading her team to victory game after game.

Not only is Chonji a strong, smart blocker with the Sirens, she is a devoted coach with the Santa Cruz Derby Groms. Her adeptness at strategy and keen knowledge of the rules truly makes her an asset to any team she works with. Her dedication and hard work to become the best player she can be has led her to attend far-away bootcamps where she has trained with some of the best derby players in the world! Fans and teammates can see the hard work paying off - Chonji skates with fluidity, fierceness, and always seems to be in the right place at the right time. Her derby knowledge is held in high regard, and she is admired for her constant support of other skaters. When Chonji isn't skating she is usually seen doing extra volunteer work with the league, always singing up to help in any way she can.

Though a recent injury has forced her to remain trackside temporarily, Chonji can still be found taking in practices and scrimmages, coaching the Groms multiple days a week, and cheering on her fellow skaters. We expect to see great things from this devoted skater in the years to come!



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