June 2014 - Coach Valcohol

Coach ValcoholRoller derby is a family affair. Just ask Valcohol.

When her then girlfriend now wife and Harbor Hellcat, Hu$tle 'n' Flo, joined the Santa Cruz Derby Girls in 2010, Val couldn't help but become an immediate super fan. By the following season, Val went from cheering for Flo on the sidelines with her two daughters, to fielding not one but two SCDG players: their oldest daughter, HellaLuna started playing for the Santa Cruz Derby Groms in 2011, and has since gone on to become a rostered skater for the Boardwalk Bombshells. Val's skate- centric world of wife and daughter skaters didn't stop there though. In 2012, Val's sister-in-law, Eve Elle Dewars, decided to join the league. With all of this family involvement and her love of the game, Val could not remain "just" a super fan any longer. In 2013, she began volunteering as a Non-Skating Official (NSO) for SCDG and was finally able to contribute even more than enthusiastic shouts of support from the her seat. In 2014, the league voted to add Valcohol to the coaching committee and she became the head coach of the Seabright Sirens. In her first season coaching, she and Coach Dave Cox have led the Seabright Sirens to a thus far, undefeated season. Val has also started bench coaching for the Hellcats and will be traveling to Tampa, FL this month to bench coach the Bombshells in the Franky Panky Tournament.

Valcohol is known for her never-ending enthusiasm, her animated and always entertaining spirit and her supportive disposition. She promotes camaraderie within her team and the league as a whole, while also fostering individual skater growth. She knows the game of derby well and pushes her team to improve with positivity and encouragement. Val has become an invaluable part of the SCDG family and league!

When not jumping up and down on the side of the track, Val, also known as "Golden Delicious", can be found playing bass in the legendary queer band Frootie Flavors, alongside SCDG super fan Vnes.

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