July 2014 - Hell Louise, #1384

Hell LouiseHell Louise #1384, better known as Weezy, is a commanding Boardwalk Bombshell pivot who isn't afraid to mark her territory. Like a flame to a moth, her backside is a vortex that jammers can't seem to resist. On the track, Weezy is a solid wall, working with her team to crush jammers and eat derby souls , one by one. She keeps her teammates in line and working together, while ensuring that there is still a good dose of fun and laughter. She has been known to throw down in more than one dance off if given the opportunity. Since joining the Santa Cruz Derby Girls in 2008, Weezy has been integral to the growth and success of the league. She served on the Board of Directors for multiple years, playing a key role in establishing the league's status as a non-profit organization. Weezy's leadership has also been displayed in her years as a Grom coach and currently in the role of bootcamp coach for our newest skaters. Her derby number comes from her first marathon and while she once got perfect attendance at Sunday school and likes to sew and tap dance, she is a force to be feared out on the track. Weezy may be one of the most well rounded and fascinating derby girls you'll ever meet.

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