October 2014 - Neoscorin

NeoscorinNeoscorin, a much loved SCDG referee, is both old school and new wave . He has a stash of cassette tapes from high school that he still plays in the tape deck of his car today. Old school. He constantly and consistently takes stock of the new rule set and as his fellow zebras will attest, applies those rules in a logical and thoughtful way, while remaining one of the most calm and level headed skaters in stripes. New wave.Despite never having roller skated before spring of 2012, ( though word on the track is that he had an earlier career shredding as a sponsored skateboarder), Neo made a speedy transition from four wheels to eight when his wife, Ima Hotmess #623, decided she wanted to give derby a go and the couple began skating at the Santa Cruz Roller Palladium. Wanting to ensure that derby was a family affair, Neo began officiating for Monterey while Ima got her skate on. They skated/reffed their first bout together for Monterey in June of 2012 and have not looked back since, transferring to SCDG, where Neo and Ima co-coach the Junior Ref program, Neo refs for the adult league and Ima skates for the Harbor Hellcats. Not to be outdone by his skating parents, Neo and Ima’s son, Killa Kee, began junior reffing in 2013 and continues to NSO for league scrimmage nights.Neo admires strong, clean skating and skaters who are effective on the track without breaking all the rules. Having been taught and influenced by both Fresh Step and Hue Refner, Neo values safety and a sense of fair play though appreciates when a skater attempts to find loop holes in the rule set as this challenges his knowledge of the rules. Neo recently passed his Level 2 certification and is now even more adept at calling his favorite penalties – pack destruction on blockers and relative position back blocks on jammers. Keep an eye out for this agile and low key ref, who, despite having moved on from his days learning to skate at the Pally, may be caught hand-in hand couples skating with league photographer DPO or launching himself into what can only be described as a ballerina jump turn at our Penthouse. Like his name implies, Neoscorin fixes what’s ailing on the track, a clear call for big hitters and toe -stop spinning jammers alike.

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