November 2014 - Eve Elle Dewars, #0

Eve Elle DewarsEve Elle Dewars, #0, is a swath of color, on and off the track, her trademark vibrantly colored hair swooping past opponents. As a member of the SCDG derby dynasty that includes niece HellaLuna, sister Hu$tle&flo, and sister in law Coach Valcohol, Eve has had plenty of derby inspiration. When she laced up for her boot camp adventure with SCDG in the winter of 2012, she left her casual days of birthday party roller-skating at the Palladium behind her. Passing her minimums and graduating to Fresh Meat, Eve honed her skills over the following season, making the Seabright Sirens roster in the Spring of 2013. Currently the Co-Captain of the Sirens, Eve has also worked her way into a prospecting spot for the Harbor Hellcats this season.

On the track, Eve is known as an adept and fierce competitor, especially skilled at the Truck and Trailer, swiping the opposing team with clean, devastating hits. During bouts, Eve is a great bench boss, encouraging her fellow skaters, taking charge on the line and making sure her teammates are where they need to be to drop the opposition in their tracks. Eve is the motivation behind off skates core workouts after practice and does her part to make sure the undefeated Sirens are in prime bout-ready form.

Eve balances her time off the track by taking care of her husband and 3 year old boy, making Paleo dishes, working out to p90x and styling and coloring hair. She was just nominated and voted into the position of Derby Ambassador for the league and given her supportive nature and love of derby, she should thrive in this new position. Eve is also a member of the Merch Committee, making sure all the skaters and fans are decked out in SCDG’s finest merchandise.

If you’re watching from the stands and catch a blur of purple, hot pink or blue, chances are Eve Elle Dewars has just blown by and is readying herself for a well- timed hit.


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