December 2014 - Ace Wenchura, #333

Ace WenchuraAce Wenchura, #333, is fast. And lithe. And known to defy gravity every once in awhile, leaving fans and teammates slack- jawed. A well -respected and oft -feared jammer of the highest level, she has squirrel monkey moves according to her fellow Division 1 teammates, spinning, hopping and flying through impossibly small holes to break apart the pack and grab all the points. Ace is lean, pure muscle, able to juke, shove and squeeze her way through walls of blockers much bigger and seemingly stronger than she. Perhaps the fittest of all SCDG league members, Ace is known for her incredible work ethic, dedication to the sport and quiet, confident demeanor. Apt to study footage of previous bouts and talk strategy, Ace is a smart player who is able to quickly assess weakness in the opposing team and take advantage, attacking when they are least expecting it.

Before joining SCDG as a jammer for the Harbor Hellcats, Ace skated in Hawaii for the Pacific Roller Derby. Returning to the Santa Cruz area, where she originally hailed from, Ace transitioned to WFTDA play easily and found herself juking her way into a jammer spot on the Top 25 ranked Boardwalk Bombshells.

Off skates, Ace manages to raise 3 kids under the age of 8 and remain an avid surfer, all the while rarely missing a derby practice.

Do you hear that? No? That’s right, you don’t. Ace is that quiet and that good and she’s launching past you to knock you off your game. And nab all the points while she’s at it. Consider yourself warned.

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