March 2015 - Patti Smithereens, #47

Patti Smithereens, #47, is nimble and quick, a spark of energy out on the track, whose toe stop laterals make her a formidable jamming threat. Famous for being able to push a looming wall of tough blockers forward and out of play, Patti puts tremendous power in every fiber of her svelte frame, coming in fast but controlled and executing for her team. As one of her Siren teammates put it, “she is like those strangely strong guys who pull semi trucks with their teeth”.

Patti joined the SCDG family when she signed up for boot camp during the summer of 2012. Patti made quick progress, and tried out and successfully made the third quarter Siren roster for 2013. She jammed her way into a blow out, undefeated season with the Sirens in 2014, being called up to the Harbor Hellcats to prospect at the end of the season. She can now be seen sneaking the outside line around the slick corners of the Civic track as a jammer for Organic Panic.

Patti became the co-point for the PR committee in 2015 and her keen eye to detail and organizational acumen make her a vital component of SCDG league growth. Patti is encouraging and positive and is a determined to keep folks on track when it comes to promoting the league.

When her skates are off, Patti is an avid vegan baker, bike rider and animal rights supporter. She is a trained ballerina and is known to be a talented word-smith, able to juke even the most adept Scrabble player with her amazing vocabulary. Patti makes a living as a TA at UCSC, where she is completing her PhD dissertation in the Literature Department.

The fastest way to get punked on the outside is to underestimate Patti Smithereens and that quick breath you hear is the sound of your wall getting Panic’d.

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