April 2015 - Coach Pandamonium

Coach Pandamonium knows how to take 5 skaters and turn them into one menacing, pivoting, point grabbing machine. Having spent several years skating with the Oakland Outlaws before realizing she had a stronger passion for coaching than playing, Panda migrated to SVRG where she quickly stepped into the Head Coach role for nearly 6 years, building the travel team and the league as a whole. When she arrived at SCDG’s doorstep in 2013, the Boardwalk Bombshells were on their way up the WFTDA rankings and Panda’s knack for creating impressive line-ups on the fly and ability to keep her players calm and focused in the fury of the moment made her an indispensable Bench Coach. When Head Coach Maiden Hades stepped down to have and raise her new baby, Panda stepped up and used her command of the rule set, track awareness and communication skills to shine as a Track Coach for the Bombshell team.

Panda is extremely derby savvy, able to think ahead, anticipate strategies and game play of opponents while building individual players’ skill sets and team dynamic. As coaching point for SCDG and Head Coach of home team Organic Panic, Panda excels at keeping her skaters organized, informed and grounded in the moment. She has mentored Coach Valcohol as she has progressed through the coaching ranks and is affectionately referred to by Val as “her rock”. She is a master at statistics and knows how to lift a bench out of a slump: she carries around a collection of insanely adorable pictures of baby animals that she will flash when the skaters need a boost. Those who skate under Panda admire her ability to give constructive feedback and her panache for taking what each player excels at and combining those skills to make an effective line on the track.

Off the track, Panda loves donuts, corgis and all things vegan. She was the inspiration for the main character in a recent children’s book titled Roller Girl and has been known to listen to more than a little Katy Perry. Though her name belies cute and cuddly, Coach Pandamonium knows how to generate chaos on the track, using her keen sense of the game to rattle the opponent and take the win.

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