May 2015 - Special Agent Utah, #2

While there is no shortage of women who are hard-hitting, tenacious and extraordinarily fierce in SCDG’s pantheon of players, very few combine that ferocity of play with a tender heart and quiet, yet commanding presence.  Special Agent Utah #2 is that rare player. Her hits are brutal, often laying opponents flat out and sometimes landing her a seat in the penalty box. Yet she skates with a fluidity and beauty that may reflect her time as a flying trapeze artist in a San Francisco circus troupe. She has a soft, supportive word for those who are coming up in SCDG and a devious smile when faced with an opposing line. She has been known to whisper “I’m going to eat that one up” in reference to an opposing jammer.

Utah found SCDG boot camp in 2011 and promptly made her way onto the roster for the Seabright Sirens in 2012. Honing her skills and defining herself as a pivot to be feared, Utah joined the Harbor Hellcats in 2013 and skated and co-captained into the 2014 season. Utah currently skates for the Redwood Rebels, where she continues to make her presence felt as a pivoting blocker who has an eye out for potential hits, delivering bone-rattling backwards shoulder drives and crisp pops to drive players out of bounds. Utah is a long time member of the recruiting committee and has been integral in helping new skaters acclimate to the league and the sport.   

Special Agent Utah is a reference to the epic cult classic Point Break and reflects her love for surfing and 90’s flicks. Her number, 2, is a reference to an oft-quoted Gary Busey line from the same movie. Off skates, Utah is a devoted and creative mom to her boy, Indio; eases the woes of the world as an expertly trained masseuse; performs feats of near-improbability during SCDG after parties, such as one-armed pull-ups and insanely large numbers of push-ups; and has been the league go-to skate mechanic as an irreplaceable member of the Skate Works in-store team.

It is with conflicted hearts that SCDG must say “Vaya con Dios” to Utah at the end of the home team season, as she and Indio make their way to Cornwall, England where she will join her husband Mathew and embark on the next leg of their family’s journey. While there is no getting around the fact that her presence on and off the track will be missed, it is with full SCDG love that we wish Utah and her family the best. If Cornwall gets even a fraction of the Utah we have gotten to experience here, they will be a lucky little town.

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