June 2015 - Vnes Ely

SCDG fans are a faithful, boisterous, colorful brood of merrymakers and the heart of what makes the league such a strong and vibrant part of the Santa Cruz community. And vibrating at the core of this fandom is SCDG’s most prolific and well-known super-fan, Vnes Ely. Anyone who has ever walked past the downtown kiosk with their eyes open has probably said hello to Vnes, Santa Cruz’s official greeter and the friendliest personality in town. Having transplanted from the East Coast nearly 20 years ago, Vnes is a Santa Cruz staple, the downtown ambassador to countless tourists and newcomers and the musical beauty keeping the rhythm section of local band Frootie Flavors locked down. Vnes is a devoted, if not religious, SCDG fan; she loves the track pack as much as the skaters and carries a little stuffed zebra with her to games to cheer on the league’s black-and-white-striped officiating crew. Her love of derby began while watching Candy Hooligan, Pigeon and the Kid back in the earliest days of SCDG. The new home team format has spun her for a bit of a loop— she has skater favorites on all three teams—but this hasn’t stopped her fury of pink hair and infectious smile from sitting trackside and cheering every game! Along with her stellar air guitar renditions at the end of bouts, Vnes can also be spotted DJ-ing at SCDG events, and is planning a benefit for SCDG’s All-Star Team, the Boardwalk Bombshells, in the near future.

Whether you are a die-hard SCDG fan like Vnes, or someone who wanders into a bout for the first time and falls in love with the frenetic energy of the game, you, our fans, are integral to our survival and continued growth as a league. The fans that fill our seats, take to the streets, and don our gear motivate each and every skater to push through challenges, put on their bout face, and take huge hits in hopes of giving the people what they have come to love.

A humongous SCDG thank you to all our supporters, family, friends, and new faces. We would not be where we are without you!

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