June 2016 - Hellth Hazard, #4

Hellth Hazard

A lifelong athlete, this month’s Derby Girl of the Month, Organic Panic and Boardwalk Bombshells skater Hellth Hazard #4, does not count roller skating among her childhood passions. “Growing up,” said Hazard, “I hated roller skates.” Instead, she spent her youth rollerblading as well as playing soccer, water polo, flag football, and swimming. It wasn’t until she moved back to Santa Cruz after college that she decide to give skating another chance.

After hearing about roller derby from a friend, Hazard signed up for SCDG’s winter 2013 bootcamp. Her athletic background proved a strong asset for her introduction to the sport—Hazard moved from Fresh Meat at the beginning of the year to an alternate for the league’s former B-Team, the Harbor Hellcats, by Fall.

According to Panic teammate Patti Smithereens, Hazard has been a stand-out skater since the beginning of her career. When Hazard did bootcamp, said Patti, “it was immediately obvious that she was a budding derby superstar. She's always been exceptional for her discipline—as a Fresh Meat she went to every practice and every open skate, observed every scrimmage, and knew the rules better than anyone.”

By the second year of her derby career, Hazard was skating as an alternate for the All-Star Boardwalk Bombshells, and became a full member of the Bombshells—and newly-formed home team, Organic Panic—in the 2015 season. On the track, Hazard excels in every skating position. Panic captain Def Jen Wreckers (“DJ”) described Hazard as “one of OP's go-to pivots” this season, and admired Hazard’s strong leadership in the pack. “Hazard communicates a plan to her pack and can effectively adapt it throughout a jam,” said DJ. “She shares her deep knowledge of strategy with her teammates, and explains new plays with clarity. As a blocker, Hazard's strong, sharp plow stop and her agile lateral footwork creates a challenge for every jammer.”

Hazard isn’t just a leader for her own teams. She has also been a coach for SCDG’s Junior program, the Santa Cruz Derby Groms, since 2014. As a Grom coach, Hazard plans and runs weekly practices, works with her committee to book games, and helps with fundraising. About her coaching philosophy, Hazard said, "I try to be a good role model and help them achieve their derby dreams by keeping them focused while also having a little fun.”

When she’s not doing derby, Hazard works in the biotech industry (the inspiration for her derby name!) and enjoys spending time with her girlfriend and their wiener dogs.

Watch this derby superstar and the rest of the Organic Panic take on the Redwood Rebels on June 11th at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium!

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