November 2016 - Toxic Moxie, #73

Toxic Moxie

Toxic Moxie #73 is a secret weapon in a small package. An unassuming, tiny but mighty force, she is a formidable blocker who anchors strong walls, doles out hard hits, and provides her jammers with well-timed, efficient offense. Moxie has been skating with SCDG since 2013 and has been a crucial member of Organic Panic since its inception in 2015. OP teammate and fellow member of "Team Tiny" Patti Smithereens says, "Moxie is a teammate with exceptional spirit and heart, someone who never forgets the incredible joy of skating. As a jammer I'm always glad to have her out there on my side, taking down blockers of any size."

As if her ferocity on the track weren't enough, Moxie works tirelessly as the league's Human Resources guru. She's in charge of welcoming the newest league members, coordinating league elections, maintaining member policies, and so many other behind-the-scenes tasks that are absolutely integral to the smooth functioning of SCDG. Moxie was also a key player in the league's adoption of WFTDA's gender-inclusive language policy and the establishment of the SCDG Legend acknowledgment program. She is the grease that keeps the wheels of this great league turning!

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