February 2017 - Unleashed, #444


Don't let that warm smile and sweet dimple fool you. Unleashed is one of the hardest hitters in our league, delivering devastating shoulder hits and ferocious booty bumps to anyone in her way. Unleashed joined the Santa Cruz Derby Girls in 2013, and with her extensive athletic background—she has experience in almost every team sport—it didn't take long for her to rise through the ranks to join the All-Star team, the Boardwalk Bombshells, in 2015. She also provides leadership and dominating defense for her home team, the Redwood Rebels.

Fellow All-Star and Rebel teammate Queen Litigious says, "I have complete confidence when I see that Unleashed is on my line. She is so solid... literally and figuratively. Calm, cool, collected and tough as nails. Plus, she's always positive and has a top-notch work ethic. She's the total package teammate."

Off the track, Unleashed provides support and maintenance for the SCDG practice space. From stocking our bathrooms to scheduling clean ups, Unleashed keeps our facility running for the nearly 100 league members who use it throughout the week for workouts, practices, meetings, and tournaments.

You can see Unleashed in action on March 11th, when the Boardwalk Bombshells open the season at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium!

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