March 2017 - I.V. Check'Her, #811

I.V. Check'Her

I.V. Check'Her represents the derby girl who can do it all. A proud mom of two and pediatric nurse by day, I.V. is a nurturing soul who takes care of her teammates while also delivering smashing hits on opposing skaters. Who says you can't be caring and brutal at the same time?

With a background in roller skating and after yearning to play derby for years, I.V. finally got around to joining SCDG's bootcamp in Summer 2015. A year later she was snatched up by Organic Panic and has developed into an agile blocker demonstrating vocal leadership on the track. A season-ending injury has kept I.V. sidelined, but we're looking forward to her return to the track soon.

Panic co-captain Swoop Dogg says, "I am excited to get I.V. back on the track and see her grow more as a blocker—she has so much potential. She skates smooth like butter and she's vocal, helping to keep our packs together."

I.V. has taken the reins as the Director of Sponsorship for the league, not only acquiring new sponsors but making sure each and every one of our sponsors is recognized and appreciated. You will likely see her running around at bouts taking care of our sponsors, providing the best derby experience possible. Keep your eye out for this up and coming skater at our next home team bout!

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