June 2010 - Secret

SecretSecret has been a member of the Santa Cruz Derby Girls since its inception, and has never stopped kicking butt and taking names! After a serious injury sidelined her skating in 2007, she took on the heady title of Bout Production Goddess, and is the reigning mentor of our Damaged Deckhand program for off-skates members. As Bout Production Goddess (or Coordinator, if you want to be technical), she choreographs all of our home events at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium – everything from tickets, seating, half-time productions and staffing to our much-beloved bout themes! Within the Deckhand program, she’s the “go-to” for new and seasoned members, and her dedication to helping formulate league policies, missions and goals is unrivaled. We look forward to her return to skates, and until then we listen attentively when she’s carrying her bullhorn!

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