June 2017 - Mom Jeans, #501

Mom Jeans

What do you get when you add a former roller dancer, a Michael Jackson super fan, and a mother of three? For SCDG, the answer is clear: you get Mom Jeans, #501!

Mom Jeans (affectionately known as MJ) began roller skating at a young age and progressed to roller dancing at the old Scotts Valley rink. She joined SCDG's bootcamp in 2015 and was quickly drafted to home team Organic Panic.

MJ is a natural on skates and loves giving and taking hard hits. Her stamina, quick feet, and agility foreshadow a future as an OP jammer. MJ says, "I hope to someday play like Ace Wenchura. She's so dreamy!"

For the business side of the league, Mom Jeans has led the Promotions team and is now our Director of Games. Her love for all things skating and derby is unparalleled, as is her energy on and off the track. SCDG has benefited tremendously from her hard work and organizational genius.

Organic Panic co-captain Swoop Dogg says, "MJ is the most positive and devoted member of OP. On our team, we have a saying about bringing it up to 'MJ level enthusiasm.' She's one of the best teammates that you'll ever have."

Catch the MJ-level enthusiasm for roller derby and watch this skater rise!

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