July 2017 - Adrian's Revenge, #VII

Adrian's Revenge

Skater, captain, and coach Adrian's Revenge combines hard work and exceptional footwork with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things derby.

Sometimes you fall on the track when there isn't another skater in sight—we call that "getting hit by a ghost blocker." And if Rocky VII ever came together, it'd be Adrian's Revenge, a ghost from the grave, coming to demolish you on the track.

Like a ghost blocker, Adrian is silent and deadly. She is a triple threat who can block, pivot, and jam. Her ability to anticipate jammers and opposing blockers puts her at the right place at the right time, where she can drive opposing skaters out of bounds with the strength of her lethally sharp hip bones. Her exceptional footwork, skating skills, and game knowledge are among the reasons why this Boardwalk Bombshell skater has also co-captained the Redwood Rebels for the last three years.

"Adrian is one of the hardest working skaters I have ever met," says Bombshells and Rebels coach Valcohol. "Her game knowledge is exceptional and she is a great team player. She's one of those players that has a sixth sense for working with others on the track. Adrian's passion for roller derby is outstanding, and I'm lucky to have her on both my teams."

While Adrian has a history of extreme hobbies, it was her daughter, Santa Cruz Derby Grom Kitty Wails, who launched the Revenge family into derby. In 2011, Adrian joined SCDG Bootcamp (fellow bootcampers say Adrian already had all the skating skills mastered) and quickly moved up the derby ranks.

Besides skating for the league, Adrian also serves on the Grom Coaching Team, helping to train our youngest skaters. Most recently, under the guidance of Adrian and her fellow coaches, the Groms placed second at the 2017 Junior Roller Derby Association Championship tournament!

Adrian is the quintessential derby nerd: from detailed knowledge about gear, to stats on teams, to the latest ruleset, she's the go-to for all things derby. Since 2011, Adrian has helped this league in so many ways behind the scenes. Our league wouldn't be where it is today without her hard work!

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