September 2017 - Skirt Vonnegut, #5

Skirt VonnegutKurt Vonnegut once wrote, “I want to stay as close to the edge as I can without going over.” This also might have been said (with slightly different meaning) by Bombshell jammer and September’s Derby Girl of the Month, Skirt Vonnegut.

Currently one of the top jammers for the Boardwalk Bombshells, Skirt traces the start of her derby career to a dive bar in Toledo, Ohio in 2009, when she saw a poster for the local Glass City Rollers. She didn’t have a background in skating but was determined to succeed. “I spent hours roller blading every day to build up the muscle to get ready for bootcamp,” she explained.

A few months later, she moved to California for a job and then graduate school, which had her hopping around leagues all over California. Skirt skated with Silicon Valley Rollergirls from 2010-2012 and Sacramento’s Sacred City Derby Girls from 2012-2014 before landing at Santa Cruz Derby Girls in 2014. Skirt quickly proved herself to be a powerhouse (or should we say slaughterhouse?) jammer, and made the charter for SCDG’s All-Star team in 2015. “Two seasons later,” Skirt said, “the Bombshells are now my family.”

In addition to being a star jammer for the Bombshells, Skirt puts in many more hours of skating, coaching, and mentoring as a captain of the Steamer Janes home team. Her Janes co-captain, Jurassic Snark, said, “Skirt is one of the most positive teammates I've ever had. She is always ready to lend a helping hand or offer advice to anyone, and especially loves coaching the newer members on her teams. I've been really lucky to have someone this knowledgeable and fair as my co-captain.”

Off the track, Skirt helps keep our league afloat as the director and founder of the Fundraising Committee. Under her leadership, Fundraising brings in the dough for the league through raffles, after parties, an annual yard sale, the Turkey Bowl, weekly BINGO at the Elk's club, an adults’ Hogwarts tournament, and, her favorite event, “Arm Wrestle a Derby Girl.”

Outside of derby, Skirt makes her living as a freelance writer and editor. She’s even written about roller derby for the Derby Central blog, here and here! She is currently working on a science fiction/political thriller with a local author - very intriguing!  

On, off, and around the track, Skirt is a shining star of positivity. As Snark put it, “Skirt is a rockstar, no doubt about it.” See Skirt juke, jump, and spin past opposing blockers when the Boardwalk Bombshells compete at the WFTDA International Playoffs in Dallas, Texas September 22-24! You can help support the Bombshells by contributing to their Playoffs travel fund and check out their Oscar nomination-worthy fundraising video, created by Skirt herself, here!

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