July 2018 - Jurassic Snark, #93

Jurassic Snark

July’s derby girl of the month is one of the hardest working skaters in derby-business, Jurassic Snark! In her 4th year with the league, she has grown tremendously as a skater and contributed so much to the operations of the league. You can find her skating primarily with our travel team, the Boardwalk Bombshells. Here’s Snark in her own words:

What is your derby origin story?

I saw a poster for roller derby when I was just out of high school, before going to college and thought it was a badass sport. I'd been a rollerblader as a kid, and never really liked any other sports, so this looked perfect for me. I really wanted to get involved but I was going up to San Francisco for college so I couldn't. When I moved back home after graduating, I went to games, dragged friends to games and even popped into the penthouse to watch/stalk an open scrimmage, and realized that this was an obsession I had to get started with. After finally getting a job with  health insurance locally, I thought, this is the time! I joined bootcamp in summer of 2014 and have been rollin' ever since. I feel really lucky that my hometown just also happens to have a D1 league and the best group of people ever!

Besides skating, what else do you do for the league?

I'm the HR Director/Committee Liaison for SCDG, which means I process all members as they come in the league, assign them their league jobs, and help manage the dues/volunteer hours and member relations committees. My main goal is always to make sure everyone has the knowledge they need and the support they need to be successful in the league. I'm also on the Board of Directors, which means along with the other stellar leadership, I get to help the league run as a successful business and continue to grow and bring derby to Santa Cruz (and beyond).

What is your skating and/or athletic background outside of derby?

In high school I tried out for the soccer team ONCE, got hit in the face with a ball, got a bloody nose, and jumped right back into tryouts without even caring about my nose (clearly a budding derby girl). I didn't make the team, but I didn't mind since soccer wasn't really a sport I connected with anyway. In my junior year I found archery and joined our local range with a bunch of my friends. I went to state champs that year and got a medal for my division. Later in life I'd flirted with running and weight lifting but didn't find my stride (literally) until derby.

How do you spend your time outside of SCDG-related stuff?

When I'm not at practice or at the gym, I really love being home lazy in my pajamas with my boyfriend and my cats, you know, typical introvert stuff. I also love trying out new paleo baking recipes when I have the time - next up is lava cakes!



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