September 2018 - Bunny FuFu, #809

Bunny FuFu

Our September Derby Girl of the Month is new to the league this year but has quickly become an invaluable asset! Meet Bunny Fufu, our Game Production Director and skater-crafter-artist-mom-extraordinaire.

Bunny found roller derby in 2013 when she joined the Silicon Valley Rollergirls as a rec skater. Always looking for a challenge, Bunny threw herself into training for fun and fitness until she made the jump to competitive skating. She joined us in Santa Cruz at the beginning of 2018 and quickly found a role as our Games Production Director. If you’ve attended a game at the Santa Cruz Civic this year, you’ve surely seen our Bunny decked out in blue and glitter and so much team spirit! But Bunny’s work isn’t just on game night. She spends hours in the weeks leading up to the games organizing with the teams, announcers, officials, volunteers, and Civic staff. SCDG Board member Crash Cartel elaborates on the work of Bunny: “Leading our Games Production team is an integral League position that requires a dynamic planner, skilled multi-tasker and master volunteer wrangler. Upon joining SCDG, Bunny FuFu stepped into this role perfectly and without hesitation, sharing her sparkle, creativity and organizational skills with her production team, the League, and our game day fans.”

Shortly after joining SCDG, Bunny was quickly promoted from Skater Pool to our Seabright Sirens. On the team, Bunny is part of the Glitter Squad that works together to coordinate team bonding events and shenanigans! Sirens coach Yeti or Not, Here I Come had this to say about her smiling-est player, “Bunny brings her quiet positivity and indomitable will to the track every day. As her coach, it’s a pleasure to watch her improve with each practice. Bunny is also one of the kindest and most giving people in our league. She’s always the first to step up and volunteer, or help a teammate with a fun arts and craft project. She makes a mean customized scrimmage jersey.”

When she’s not skating with the Sirens or organizing our next fun-filled event, Bunny is a dedicated domestic goddess. In addition to volunteering at her daughter’s school, she also bakes, sews, and crafts. Always eager to learn a new skill, Bunny is currently learning all about screenprinting and shirt-making. She also has a flock of chickens and a flock of cuddly cats!

You can catch Bunny in action at our next game at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium on October 20th!

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