December 2018 - Adrian's Revenge, Kitty Wails, and Traitor Joe

Adrian's Revenge

As we wrap up 2018 and our tenth year at Santa Cruz Derby Girls, we want to recognize an entire derby family as our December Derby Girls of the Month! Adrian’s Revenge and her daughters Kitty Wails and Traitor Joe have been integral members of their teams and leagues.

Kitty Wails was the first skater to sign up  in the family when she joined the Derby Groms in 2011. At just 10 years old, Kitty didn’t have much experience on skates but had a natural coach in her mom, Adrian’s Revenge. As a rink rat growing up, Adrian had plenty of experience skating so she gave Kitty some skating lessons to get her up to speed. Shortly after Kitty made the team, Adrian saw how much fun she was having and signed up for our adult bootcamp!  In 2017, Adrian’s youngest daughter Traitor Joe started with the Grommets for some fun and exercise but quickly moved into a position on the Saltwater Sassies in 2018.

This trio of tough skaters have plenty of games under their individual belts but 2018 brought them an opportunity to share one game together for the first, and maybe last, time. In our season closer in October, Kitty and Joe got to play together for the first time while mom Adrian’s Revenge coached.

Kitty recently said goodbye to the Santa Cruz Derby Groms after eight seasons when she turned 18 and graduated from high school. But not before winning a gold medal at the 2018 JRDA championships! These days, Kitty is a first year student at UC Davis studying physiology. Besides derby, Kitty loves baking, cooking, knitting, and watching hockey.

Adrian’s Revenge also said goodbye at the end of the season… kind of. While she is retiring from playing competitively, she is staying on board and continuing to coach the Groms. She is also playing women’s ice hockey in her spare time when she’s not coaching or working as a library aide at Gualt Elementary School. Bombshells teammate and fellow Groms coach Beans has this to say about the whole family, "Adrian is someone you can depend on 100%! On and off the track. She is knowledgeable, she is fierce, she is amazing! Kitty is the silent but deadly one on the the track. She is super effective and smart and is always in the right place at the right time. Joe has impeccable skating skills. The whole family makes skating look like a a breeze!

Traitor Joe is continuing the family tradition as a Saltwater Sassy. In addition to being a high school junior, Joe is also an Exhibit Guide at the Seymour Center on the weekends. She loves art, nature, and animals.

We also want to recognize Isak Bovee as not only a husband (to Adrian) and father (to Kitty and Joe), but as a supportive fan! He has spent years cheering on and supporting the amazing women in his family as they competed at home and away. Thank you, Isak, for sharing your family with us for so many seasons!

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