February 2019 - Baloo


With a heart as big as Baloo’s, it seems as if he was destined to be our February Derby Guy of the Month.  From his first deby memory of watching the Bay Area Bombers (re-runs!) on Channel 2 as a kid, to a cousin who played for the Rose City Rollers in 2004, to a home filled with SCDG derby love starting in 2012, derby found its way into Baloo’s heart in a big way.  When you meet Baloo, also known as Todd Meyer, a Santa Cruz Fire Captain, this wouldn’t surprise you. Making magic happen in a big way, that’s just how Baloo rolls--off skates that is, he’s much better at mountain biking.

The Santa Cruz Derby Girls are honored to welcome Baloo to his 3rd year on our Board of Directors as  Co-Director. Baloo’s involvement in the league began in 2012 when his youngest daughter attended a SCDG double header.  Inspired by what she saw that night, Bonny and Collide decided to join SCDG’s junior derby team, the Gromshells. Within a year Baloo’s oldest daughter, Hermonie Danger also joined the Gromshells and has since aged-up and joined the Bombshells.  When he’s not cheering for his daughters, he can also be found on the side-track, with his “BooBoo and Whammmbulance Crews” staffing one of the medical staff positions for home bouts. Commenting on the wrap-around care Baloo provides for the league, nominator and head of Human Resources, Pain Jennerator shares, ”He’s not a ref, he’s not a skater...He’s a kick-ass dad that loves and supports his girls, and through that love and support fell in love with the league and wants to see it succeed.”

Being a roller derby parent is not for the weak of heart, or stomach Baloo might add.  He has learned that derby skaters like to show off their bruises “as a badge of courage.”  More importantly, he has witnessed derby’s positive impact on his daughters. Seeing how his daughters’ strength, empowerment, and commitment have grown makes his heart full.  

Baloo’s enthusiasm for the league’s success is another reason he devotes so much time and energy to supporting SCDG.  His pride for SCDG, Baloo wears like a heart on his sleeve when he shines “We have world class derby right here! The Bombshells are currently #15 in the World!!! The Gromshells are currently #1 in the world!!!”  Please join Baloo, and the rest of the SCDG crew, at our first home game of the season on March 16th, at the Santa Cruz Civic.


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