March 2019 - Gunz, #208


Our March Derby Girl of the Month is a stellar example of how Santa Cruz can produce talented and dedicated roller derby athletes from the ground up!gunz

Megan MeAngry, aka Gunz, started her derby journey in 2015 when she signed up for our Summer Bootcamp program. Despite having little experience on skates, Gunz was committed to derby on Day One and bought her skates the day before bootcamp! Though learning to skate can be a little shaky and can take some time, Gunz was drafted to a home team in 2016 and played two seasons for the Redwood Rebels. Last year, she was an integral member of our travel B/C team. In 2019, Gunz took over the role of captain for the Seabright Sirens, our local travel team. From total skate newbie to a competitive team leader, Gunz is a perfect role model for any skater who is just starting out.

On the league, Gunz is our dedicated Endurance training coach. She takes great pride in creating practice plans to challenge and motivate her leaguemates. After coming up through the Bootcamp and Fresh Meat programs, Gunz is an understanding and patient coach and team leader. In her own words, “Everyone learns skills at their own pace, and it's totally normal and okay if you're not learning as fast or have the same natural talent as someone else. My first year of derby I felt like I needed to get better RIGHT NOW - I wish I'd realized that there's no hurry, and I should just have fun with it!”

It’s clear that this message resonates with her team while coaching. Frequent endurance practice skater Momentum Mori says, “Most Saturdays you can find Gunz practicing for two hours with the Sirens and immediately switches over to coaching endurance for two hours. Her radiant energy never stops and she inspires me to push myself to be a better skater at my own pace.”

When she’s not leading practice or skating, Gunz is teaching first year writing and pursuing her PhD in Sociology at UCSC. As for her nickname? While her derby name is officially Megan MeAngry, a punny teammate once referred to her as Me-Gunz after admiring her biceps post-workout and the name stuck!

Gunz will take the track with her Sirens next in Rohnert Park on May 25th when they face off against the Resurrection Roller Girls.


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