April 2019 - Knox, #141


If you cruised the Santa Cruz Palladium for birthday parties many moons ago, you may have caught a glimpse of April’s Derby Girl of the Month, Knox, in her youth.  Born and raised in Santa Cruz, Knox, also known as Marie Knox Mealer, began laying the groundwork for her fancy footwork on the soccer field. As a goalkeeper in high school, and in college for Humboldt State, Knox was no stranger to taking and giving hits; although they likely weren’t within derby’s legal target zone...  

After college, Knox longed for something athletic and team focused, and after watching one bout she knew that roller derby was the sport for her.  Knox began her derby career in January 2014 with the Silicon Valley Roller Girl’s Circuit Jerk program, and followed her heart to Santa Cruz in the fall of 2017.  Since then she’s become integral to the league as a bootcamp trainer and captain for the Harbor Hellcats. Fellow skater E-Wrecks, admires how Knox is, “a lovely teammate, an excellent, take-charge leader, and a super-capable captain. Also (how) she runs folks over on the track."  If you’re looking to break through walls on the track matching Knox’s style and grace, or just starting out on skates, you might heed her training regimen of cross training, foam rolling, mobility work and pre-hab exercises; advice Knox wished someone had shared with her early on.

When not on skates Knox is on a busy rotation of hiking, sipping, chilling, and learning.  Many a lovely day Knox can be found on local hiking trails on both sides of the hill and looks forward to combining this love of the outdoors with her derby league mates in the future.  For more low key good times, Knox enjoys wine tasting with friends or watching horror movies with her husband and cats. Early on as a 2 year coach SVRG’s junior derby program, Knox discovered working with kids was for her and she is currently pursuing her degree in Child Development.  

While a well executed, “Hell yeah, Hellcats!” fires her up on the track, the same cheer could be shared about her appreciation of our community first partner, the Santa Cruz SPCA.  All three of her childhood (Hell)cats, Jane, Dinah, and Farron were adopted from there. Fondly remembering these felines, Knox mused, “They were all wonderful kitties, and I hope everyone will consider adopting a furry friend.”

Please join us in congratulating Knox on being nominated as SCDG’s April Derby Girl of the Month.  And, if you see her around, be sure to send a good cheer her way.

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