January 2011 - Winnie Baygo

Winnie BaygoWinnie Baygo joined the league in 2007 as a skater. After a severe ankle break, she focused her skills on reffing. She became an integral part of our TrackPack, serving as Head Ref at numerous bouts. Winnie was a member of the inaugural Board of Directors in 2009 and was recently elected as Secretary for the 2011 Board. She has served as a league Derby Ambassador and is a key part of the SCDG Legal Department. Her passion for derby has helped lay a strong foundation for our league and she continues to provide her leadership to the health and well-being of SCDG. She is an intellectual property paralegal by day, and proud mom of Derby Grom Jackie Skellington. Look for the indefatigable Winnie Baygo at our next bout making calls or tracking penalties!

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