February 2020 - Pain Jennerator, #649

Pain Jennerator

In January 2013, Pain Jennerator got to make her dream of playing roller derby a reality when she joined SCDG. She had been skating since about the same time she learned to walk and she has a background in speed-skating so this sport was a perfect fit. 

You can find Pain just about everywhere at SCDG! She is starting her second year as a SCDG All-Star. She is also starting her second year on the Board of Directors, which has given her a whole new perspective on what it takes to keep this sport alive. On the track, her favorite role is as a pivot since she likes to take the star and using her speed-skating skills to fly out of the pack and salvage the jam. Off the track, you’ll also find her as the director of HR and bootcamp director. How does she have time to sleep?

Pain also has two kids who also skate (Oliver & Violet), which helps bring them all together. Pain says it was super touching when she found out Oliver wanted to play derby and that he has a love for speed just like her. Last year, Pain and Oliver both played in a double header at the Civic and both teams won! Pain was so proud to see him wear the star and remembers this special night fondly, stating, “Not many people get to experience playing the same sport as their kid, on the same night, same court.”

Outside of derby, Pain is just as busy. She works as a Product Development Manager for an environmental non-profit to help businesses reduce their energy consumption. She has been in this job for 14 years and hopes to retire there. Pain says she is pretty shy by nature, and had to come out of her shell to play derby. We are glad she did!

TKO, the skater who nominated Pain for this month’s DGOM, says, “Pain is an unsung hero of Santa Cruz's roller derby league. Formally the HR manager, that title doesn't even begin to encompass everything that Pain tirelessly does for us. Not only does she handle day-to-day HR related business, she oversees our skater-run mediation group, she serves on the board of directors, AND she skates on the All-Star team. While doing all of that work, she constantly has time for any and all questions thrown at her, and handles them all patiently and thoroughly. Pain is the epitome of what you want in a teammate and a leaguemate: a compassionate, caring leader who truly takes the time to understand each and every situation and manages it fairly and to the best of her ability. Plus, she's a badass blocker to boot.”

Regarding the upcoming season, Pain is looking forward to training with the All-Stars and learning from everyone on the team. Her goal is to keep her communication up even when things get heated on the track. Pain notes, “Every year my voice on the track gets stronger,” and we know this year will be no different!

Come celebrate Pi Day with Pain and the rest of the Santa Cruz Derby Girls on March 14th when the Boardwalk Bombshells take on Bay Area Derby at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium. 

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