February 2011 - Swoop Dogg, #213

Swoop DoggSwoop Dogg joined the league in July 2009. Toward the end of her Fresh Meat period and just days before her scrimmage assessment, Swoop suffered a dislocated shoulder. Not one to scamper off with her tail between her legs, she was up and at 'em in no time and ready to join the Harbor Hellcats for the 2010 Season. Swoop received the 2010 Hellcats Coaches Award for her continuous improvement, positive attitude and excellent team work. In her tenure with the league, Swoop has served on the Public Relations and Human Resources committees, and was recently chosen by her leaguemates to act as this year's Interleague Liaison. Off the track, she is always sniffing around for the perfect wrinkle-free aerodynamic sock. On the track, she is the leader of her pack, often donning the pivot panty and barking out orders to keep opposing blockers at bay. As Co-Captain of the 2011 Hellcats, we're looking forward to seeing what this dogg brings to the track. Sic 'em, Swoop!

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