September 2011 - Che Refvara

Che RefvaraDerby revolutionaries unite in honor of SCDG’s very own Che Refvara! Che is a loyal member of our Track Pack, the league and the sport of roller derby as a whole. He’s become incredibly knowledgeable about the WFTDA rule set and usually functions as one of our inside pack refs. With a quick and endearing smile, he fully supports his fellow track pack members in reaching their personal goals both on and off the track. We are inspired by Che’s ever-calm presence, even when tempers are flaring around him—a trait that likely served him well during his many years as a high school principal. His knowledge and enforcement of the rules, commitment to teamwork, promotion of feminist ideals—and likely his after-party dance moves at the Blue, truly make Che an asset to SCDG. Che Refvara, we salute you.

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