October 2011 - Candie Hooligan, #69

Candie HooliganWhether it’s for her fierce athleticism, rockin’ air guitar on the jam line, or quite possibly for her memorable act in last April’s burlesque fundraiser—we can all agree that everyone loves Candie!

Candie Hooligan has been with the league since its inception and played in Santa Cruz's first bout in 2008. Her longtime passion for surfing may be the secret behind her impressive balance and fearless drive to score as many points as she can.Her rapid recovery from falls is a testament to her strength and agility on the track and an undeniable asset to the team. A true crowd pleaser, Candie can be found calling off a jam mid-summersault or bustin’ a move before the second whistle - she's an unstoppable force and always a sweet treat for fans and league-mates alike. When on the track, she takes on a look of intensity, ready to take care of business. Her fun-loving spirit and radiant smile are signs of how sweet she really is, but watch your back if you meet her on the track!

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