November 2011 - Rock, #4

RockYou may have noticed a new skater rockin’ the house at the last few Hellcats bouts. That's Rock, our transfer skater from Ohio whom SCDG welcomed to the league this summer!

Rock has been honing her skating skills with derby leagues all over the country. She began playing in 2007 with Memphis Roller Derby and most recently skated with Gem City before coming to Santa Cruz. At her Santa Cruz debut in August she immediately became a fan favorite, and it's easy to see why. Both a forceful jammer and a seasoned blocker, Rock brings a new energy and dimension to the Hellcats. Her ability to fend off blockers while scoring points for her team with an air of ease is both entertaining and awesome. Her years of experience skating both derby and recreationally are apparent based on her solid performance in both Hellcat bouts this fall.

Whether she's catching air on the track or at the skate park, showing off her mean hockey stop (until recently she skated without toe stops!), or holding off jammers with her fierce backwards skating, Rock is truly a unique gem, and one that the league is stoked to have!

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