December 2011 - Barbarian Librarian

Barbarian LibrarianSCDG can’t operate solely on skaters, refs, and coaching alone. It takes a lot of dedication, organization, and communication from all members to run a roller derby league. Barbarian Librarian, a career reference librarian—affectionately referred to as "Brain,”—is one of those members who consistently work behind the scenes to make SCDG a successful and community-supported roller derby league.

Having served a few seasons as SCDG’s Co-Point of the Public Relations committee, Brain handles many vital tasks for SCDG. Whether spotlighting important issues in our internal league forum, maintaining our presence and interacting with fans on social networking sites, or even text-casting our home bouts for out-of-area fans, she is considered one of the hardest working members of the league. Brain has skated as both a Hellcat and a Siren, and is known for her ability to give and receive big hits, earning her respect on and off the track.

This librarian won’t be checking out any time soon and we certainly appreciate all she does for SCDG!

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