February 2012 - Foxee Firestorm, #55

Foxee FirestormAlthough one of the most kind and welcoming ladies off of the track, the incendiary force known as Foxee Firestorm is certainly one of the most feared -- and respected -- skaters on the Boardwalk Bombshells. Her fierce skills as both a hard hitting, impenetrable blocker, as well as an agile and stylish jammer have made her both a league and fan favorite.

She’s a veteran skater, having started derby in 2008, and a founding member of the Santa Cruz Derby Girls, and now helps the newer girls hone their basic skills in our league's six week bootcamp. With her glowing smile and infectious laugh she makes learning to play roller derby a fun and positive experience for the newcomers. She also, undoubtedly, instills in them the terror that they could one day face her on the track.

In 2011 Storm was voted Bombshells MVP...and Most Feared by the fans. Although she's ready to pass that frightening title onto someone else, her league mates know that when she hits the track before a bout to get pumped, a storm is brewin'...and any opposing skater caught in her path is sure to get blown away.

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