March 2012 - Queen Litigious, #41

Queen LitigiousDon’t let the blonde hair and pink skates fool you; Queen Litigious – March’s Derby Girl of the Month – is one of the most forceful and agile skaters on the Boardwalk Bombshells.

Queen grew up skating with fellow league member Crouching Cougar at Aloha Skate in San Jose (now home to Silicon Valley Roller Girls). A lifetime of experience on roller skates is apparent in Queen’s smooth and effortless skating style, particularly her impressive backwards skating. As a jammer she's quick-footed, smart, and evasive. Known also for laying down the law with her intimidating backwards blocking and clean sweeps of her opponents, Queen is undeniably one of the Bombshell’s not-so-secret weapons.

In fact, Queen is a triple threat for SCDG: a blocker, supremely effective jammer, and team captain for the Bombshells. You can catch Queen in all her glory on March 17th, when the Boardwalk Bombshells take on Bay Area Derby Girls’ Richmond Wrecking Belles at the Civic Auditorium!

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