April 2012 - CoraZone, #23

CoraZoneWho’s that Hellcat turning the heads of SCDG fans with her mean blocking skills? That’s none other than CoraZONE, April’s Derby Girl of the Month!

Cora’s derby training started when she joined the league’s Winter 2011 bootcamp. As noted by her fellow bootcampers, she could already slam a hockey stop both directions, do backwards crossovers and move laterally across the track thanks to her background in hockey. By the end of the year Cora was a rostered skater with Santa Cruz Derby Girls’ B Team - a testament to her years of experience on skates and her fast taking to derby strategy.

Anyone can tell you that Cora is a major asset to her team and the league. Her offensive game is highly effective in helping her jammer navigate the pack, and everyone knows that a straight shot of CoraZONE can lay a skater out! A heavy hitter through and through, Cora’s quick feet and agility on skates makes her a resilient defensive blocker as well.

Look for CoraZONE on April 21st, when the Harbor Hellcats take on the Undead Bettys at the Civic Auditorium. Let’s hear it for April’s Derby Girl of the Month!

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