October 2012 - Avada K. Davra & Chica Tu Madre

Avada K. DavraChica Tu Madre
These Derby Deck Hands -- The Sisterfaces, as they are affectionately known -- could be said to be the heart and backbone of SCDG. Members of the Merchandise (Chica) and Fundraising (Avada) committees, these two are constantly working their butts off contributing hard work, time, and energy into making our league sustainable and fun for everyone.

In addition to being the Merch co-point, Chica is also a Derby Ambassador for the league, acting as a mediator and counselor for any issues that may come up between league members.

These ladies are always the first to volunteer for any league functions, whether helping to work a bout, fundraiser, community event or sponsorship activity. Their constant creativity and spirit continuously boosts morale on the league, especially for the newest team, the Seabright Sirens. They're famous for their fabulous costumes at each home bout, and they never cease to amaze with their positive attitude and love for roller derby and this league.

The Sisterfaces are a few of the league's best supporters of new skaters, taking it upon themselves to organize open skates for other Derby Deck Hands, Fresh Meat, and Bootcampers. The league would surely not be where it is today without these two amazing members! Come see what surprises they have in store at our final bout of the year, October 27!

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