March 2013 - Shamrock N. Roller, #8

Shamrock N. RollerShamrock, aka Shammy, has been an integral part of SCDG since the very beginning, helping to build the foundation of our league on and off the track. An athlete from the start, she was an experienced figure-skater as a young lady, then took on water polo as a teen. These sports gave her the grace, agility and all-around athletic ability we see in her derby game today. She has complex knowledge of the sport and shows great leadership on the track as a pivot. Excelling at both defense and offense, she’s rarely intimidated. Her signature backwards blocking can lay out huge hits that send girls flying. Being so quick on her feet also makes her a great jammer, able to create her own holes through tough packs. Her work on the Boardwalk Bombshells has earned her numerous Game MVP awards!

She is a leader off the track as well, having been director of our Sponsorship Committee, forming long-lasting relationships with businesses and individuals from our community. Shammy now represents SCDG as one of our official WFTDA representatives, which means she’s basically the ambassador of our league to the “professional” derby world.

(And kiss her….she’s Irish!)

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