June 2013 - OUR FANS

Black & Blue CrewWho are these exuberant and outspoken people who have been in the stands, screaming their lungs out, thousands strong for the last 6 years?!? They are strong, community-driven, never-say-die fans, who dress up when we think of a crazy theme, make signs for their favorite player, and are still environmentally conscious enough to ride instead of drive. They are the SCDG BLACK & BLUE CREW!!

Your devotion and affection has shown in the way you’ve taken our girl-about-town, PhotoBomb(shell), under your wing in the last few weeks. She’s been in the yard gardening with you, ridden on your motorcycle, you’ve taken her to sushi lunch, and even played darts with her in the corner bar. We’ve gotten to bask in the reflected glory of your lives, as you’ve done with our teams and players on the track. Our team is your team. Our win is your win.

Thanks for getting excited about the sport. Thanks for asking tons of questions about the rules and what’s coming up next. Thanks for chatting about bouts and players on Facebook and Twitter, but also in real life in real time. Thanks for blogging, but also for chatting in bars and telling all your friends and acquaintances how fun and furious this crazy sport of roller derby is. There is no more perfect love than between YOU and the SCDG league. We aren’t paying you to talk about our rough and tumble sport; you’re doing it out of genuine love for being part of the Derby and the Santa Cruz community. We love what you contribute to Santa Cruz Derby Girls, and we couldn’t play without you!!

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