Boardwalk Bombshells Go 1-1 on Second Day of WFTDA D-I Playoffs

Boardwalk Bombshells vs. New Hampshire Skate Free or Die Hard

SACRAMENTO -- The Santa Cruz Boardwalk Bombshells rode their solid performance from Day 1 of the D-I tournament into their bout with New Hampshire, winning 260-72 on Saturday.

In what seemed a reversal of the roles from Friday's bout against Denver, Santa Cruz was able to compile points throughout, mostly in single pass increments, by relying on dogged defense to hold New Hampshire off the board — with eight scoreless jams in a row at one point.

But it wasn't enough to simply hold New Hampshire from scoring. Santa Cruz jammer Jessamyne Andromacha-Densley, aka Hellaluna, also capitalized by scoring six natural grand slams in a row (30 points) at the outset of the streak. This jam was by far the most successful of the bout for Santa Cruz, with both blockers holding the New Hampshire jammer in the pack for the full two minutes, with 'Luna' pouring on the offense.

Long time Bombshell Aisha Brown, aka Foxee Firestorm, provided some context on their play.

"Our theme for today has been refinement, and finding the things that are working for us," Brown said. "I was really proud of the way our defense played yesterday — Denver is an amazing team — and there are definitely some things we had to work on for today, and I think we are doing it."

With one win in-pocket, Santa Cruz still had an opportunity to place fifth in the tournament, but it was defeated by Tampa 278-101 later Saturday.

The Bombshells will try to regain their place in the rankings against Kansas City on Sunday at noon for seventh place.

With three games behind them, Santa Cruz realizes it needs to maintain its blocking if it hopes to knock off Kansas City.

Tina Tyre, aka Beans, noted her team's strong similarities with Tampa's play prior to their bout.

"(Tampa) is really close to us — only one rank below us — and they play the same style as we do. Tight walls, a little bit of offense, their jammers are really pushy." she said.

**Article by Matthew Mednick as printed in the Santa Cruz Sentinel*
**Photo Credit: Mark Nockleby ©2014**

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