Boardwalk Bombshells Knock Off K.C. for Seventh Place

Boardwalk Bombshells vs. Kansas City Roller Warriors

SACRAMENTO -- The No. 5 seed Santa Cruz Derby Girls's Boardwalk Bombshells beat No. 8 Kansas City Roller Warriors 171-122 for seventh place at the Women's Flat Track Derby Association's D1 Playoffs in Sacramento on Sunday.

The Bombshells built a 94-55 lead by halftime.

The Bombshells finished with a 2-2 record, losing 260-48 to the No. 3 Denver Roller Dolls on Friday, beating No. 9 New Hampshire Roller Derby 260-72 on Saturday afternoon and falling to No. 7 Tampa Roller Derby 278-101 on Saturday night.

“If you can learn from each game and apply that to the next one, that's always meeting expectations," said Bombshell veteran Regan Eymann, aka Shamrock N. Roller. "I think the team took away what happened in the Tampa game, and applied it to the next game. 

"Our game today was our fourth of the tournament, we've never played four games in three days before. We were able to fight through the fatigue to get the win today.” Eymann said adjustments in strategy and a refocused mindset made the difference in the team's final bout.

“We committed to playing our three-walls, with one offensive blocker," she said. "We knew that the strength of Kansas City was their defense, and we felt that because of all the practice that we had done with our three-walls that we could hold their jammer and get ours' out by providing some offensive help. I think that's where our success came from.”

**Article by Matthew Mednick as printed in the Santa Cruz Sentinel*
**Photo Credit: Mark Nockleby ©2014**

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