Bombshells Cap Season with Victory over Bad Apples

Boardwalk Bombshells vs. New York Bad Apples

SANTA CRUZ -- The Santa Cruz Derby Girls' Boardwalk Bombshells defeated the New York Bad Apples 196-157 in their last bout of the 2014 season on Saturday night at Kaiser Permanente Arena. It was a momentous year for SCDG, which moved up from Division II to Division I in the WFTDA, and they saved some high-level competition for the finale.

The Bombshells jumped out to an early lead and it looked like they were going to keep building on it. The Bad Apples had other ideas, however, scoring 25 points on a single jam to close the gap and take the lead by one point. From there, the lead would change four more times, but the Bad Apples were able to finish the half with a 93-77 lead.

The Bombshells were able to close the deficit early on in the second half, and despite a lengthy injury-related delay of approximately 30 minutes, they were able to hold on to their momentum and extend out the lead for the victory.

"This is the first time a lot of us have played in a bout together, a couple players have moved away or were injured, but I thought we played well and it really felt like we gelled out there," said Bombshell Rachel Scott, aka Kosher Assault.

Scott elaborated on how the team was able to turn the bout around.

"The Bombshells are really good at resetting at halftime," she said. "We get really fired up when we're behind. We talked about reining in our penalties, and I think we're a second-half team. The injury delay was a bit awkward, mostly because generally in derby an injured skater is off the track within a few minutes. But with 20 minutes left, we knew we had to keep our heads in the bout."

Not just the last bout of the season, this was also the retirement bout for Lucero Robles, aka Inflict Her Pain.

"It was amazing. I always play at 100 percent, doesn't matter if it's practice or a game, and I leave it all out on the track," Robles said. "This opportunity that I have had the last five years, my first sport ever, and to play with these amazing women has been an amazing run and I appreciate it so much."

**Article by Matthew Mednick as printed in the Santa Cruz Sentinel**
**Photo Credit: Mark Nockleby ©2014**

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