All-Stars roll over Oakland Outlaws

SANTA CRUZ, CA >> The Santa Cruz Derby Girls’ All-Stars, the Boardwalk Bombshells, dominated the Bay Area Derby’s Oakland Outlaws, 201-124, at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium win Saturday night in an intense bout showcasing skating skills and experienced game play from veteran skaters.

The last time the Bombshells faced the Outlaws was in 2014 in a nail biting bout, which included an unusual extra jam, added by officials after the regulation period had ended due to an officiating error in the final minute. Although the Bombshells were ahead by one point at the end of regulation, the Outlaws squeaked out a four-point win in the match-deciding bonus jam. Saturday was a chance at redemption for the Bombshells.

The Outlaws came out strong, shutting down the Bombshells in the first jam and scoring 19 points. Within the next five jams, the Bombshells closed the gap to within five points. However, Outlaw blocking walls were tight, helping to extend their lead to 20 points. Near the end of the first half, Skirt Vonnegut (Krista Corwin) had a game-changing, 29-point jam to take the lead 65-53. Bombshell blockers Beans and Shamrock N. Roller (Regan Eymann) held the Outlaw jammer scoreless for the entire jam.

The Bombshells started the second half with a 93-61 lead and came out with both their defensive and offensive blocking tightened up. Halfway through the second half, the Bombshell jammers received consecutive jammer penalties handing an opportunity to the Outlaws to capitalize, but Bombshell blockers were able to minimize the damage and maintained the lead 160-100, and never looked back.

“It felt really good to win after the loss two years ago, and even better to win by so much,” said Tina Tyre, aka Beans. “The Outlaws are a tough team, and although the point spread was large in the end, we had to fight for every point.”

Notable blockers were Beans, team captain Shamrock N. Roller and pivot Weezy (Andrea Lilly). Skirt Vonnegut (Krista Corwin) was the highest scoring jammer of the game with 78 points.

“We had really great team cohesion and it felt great to burst through the pack and hear our fans cheering for us” Corwin said. “We definitely felt supported and by the spirit of our fans, and kept us going to extend our lead over the Outlaws.”

The Bombshells next compete in the Clover Cup in Dallas on March 18-20. The Clover Cup will be the Bombshells’ first tournament of three for the season.

“Our focus is to play together, play smart, and get some wins under our belt to increase our rankings from 45 to 25-30 to earn our place in Division 1 of the WFTDA,” said head coach Valerie Andromacha-Atha, aka Valcohol.

**Article by Eileen Hill as printed in the Santa Cruz Sentinel**
**Photo Credit: Lauren Macadaeg - Purple Turtle Photography ©2016**

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