Organic Panic cinch win, stay in running for championship

SANTA CRUZ, CA >> The Santa Cruz Derby Girls’ Organic Panic beat the Steamer Janes 168-143 at the Civic Auditorium on Saturday night to force a tiebreaker that will decide which team advances to the home team championship.

Both teams are 1-3 in the home team standings.

“It was so awesome to play such a close game at the Civic for our fans,” said Panic captain Jenni Veitch-Olson, who skates as Def Jen Wreckers. “The Janes are such a strong team. We’re psyched on the win and really looking forward to keeping the momentum going to face them again.”

The date and time of the tiebreaker have not yet been decided. It’ll be held at the teams’ practice facility in Scotts Valley after Sept. 11.

The winner faces the Redwood Rebels (4-0) on Oct. 29 at the Civic Auditorium for the title.

The Janes need to win the tiebreaker to have a shot at defending their home team title.

The Janes and Panic played each other tight to start their contest at the Civic.

Midway through the first half, Panic jammers gained lead jammer status for seven consecutive jams to gain a 93-44 lead by intermission.

The Janes started the second half with renewed energy, holding the Panic scoreless for the first 10 minutes of the second half.

The Panic tightened up their defense, but a jammer penalty allowed the Janes to take the lead in the last five minutes of the game.

The Panic inched ahead to take a 15-point lead in the final seconds. But with one second left on the clock, the Janes called an official review, allowing for one additional jam. A jammer penalty against the Janes dashed their hopes of completing a comeback.

“We came into the game playing our hearts out and accomplished more than we anticipated,” said Krista Corwin, who skates as Janes Captain Skirt Vonnegut.

It was the first bout for a pair of Janes skaters: Deirdre Beach (aka Just Slayin) and Amber Parker (aka Splendora).

“I’m super proud of our team, coming up from behind to take the lead in the final minutes. I’m excited for another chance to play Panic to get to the championship game,” Corwin said.

• The next chance to see the Santa Cruz Derby Girls is at the Women’s Flat Track Association Division I playoffs in Columbia, S.C., on Sept. 9-11. The SCDG All-Stars have climbed the WFTDA rankings to No. 23, the highest ranking achieved in any season. Check the Santa Cruz Derby Girls’ Facebook page for information on playoff watch parties.

**Article by Eileen Hill as printed in the Santa Cruz Sentinel**
**Photo Credit: Lauren Macadaeg - Purple Turtle Photography ©2016**

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