Santa Cruz Derby Girls earn split in doubleheader

In a battle of the bays on Saturday, the Santa Cruz Derby Girls lost to the Monterey Bay Derby Dames 201-155 and dominated Bay Area Derby’s Oakland Outlaws 344-84 in a doubleheader at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium.

Santa Cruz’s development team, the Seabright Sirens faced off with Monterey in a narrow game, with teams exchanging lead in the first half. The Sirens are considered the league’s C-level team where new skaters get their start and featured three rookie skaters playing in their first bout. Monterey’s experience was evident in their ability to grab lead jammer consistently in the second half and control the game. The Sirens had two 20-point jams in the final minutes of the game that helped to close the gap, but Monterey quickly answered back ending the game on top 201-155.

 Santa Cruz’s All-Star team, the Boardwalk Bombshells, capped off the night with a commanding win over the Oakland Outlaws. The bout marked the end of the regular season for the Bombshells, with final rankings to determine playoff seeding announced in mid-July.

“This game was important to end the regular season on a high note at home in front of our fans,” said Bombshells coach Erica Boehnlein, aka Mean Bean Casserole. “We anticipate heading into playoffs ranked No. 16, the highest ranking we’ve ever had. We’ve accomplished way more this season than we’ve ever dreamed of. I’m excited to get to training for playoffs after the skaters take a short break next week.”

It was a rough start for the Bombshells with their jammer going to the penalty box in the first jam. However, the Bombshells swiftly scored 18 points and never looked back. The Bombshell defense easily handled Oakland jammers, keeping their jammers scoreless for most of the game. While Santa Cruz’s jammers effortlessly sliced through Oakland’s defense, ducking, jumping, and spinning their way through the pack.

Daisy Baxter (aka Flower Power) aged up to the Santa Cruz Derby Girl adult league this season after playing for nine years in the league’s junior program and won MVP jammer.

“It has been such a smooth transition to the adult league. And I’m excited for every chance I get to play with my team at the Civic for our hometown fans. I was so surprised to get the MVP jammer award — I didn’t even know I would be jamming tonight. Oakland fought hard, it was a fun game.”

The next chance to see the Santa Cruz Derby Girls play is on Saturday, August 25th at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium. Go to for tickets.

**Article by Eileen Hill as printed in the Santa Cruz Sentinel**

**Photo Credit: Adam Freidin ©2018**

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