Santa Cruz Derby Groms


The Santa Cruz Derby Groms is the junior league of the Santa Cruz Derby Girls.  We have two full-contact teams, the Gromshells and the Saltwater Sassies, for advanced and intermediate skaters between the ages of 10 and 17.  For beginning level skaters we have a year-round roller derby training program called the Grommets open to all junior skaters between the ages of 7 and 17.

  • The Gromshells are made up of the league's most competitive players and is the Santa Cruz Derby Groms JRDA charter team.  Our coaches work with this group of advanced skaters to achieve their full potential, enabling them to compete at the highest level of junior roller derby.  They travel across the United States to play in some of the most competitive games & tournaments and are currently a top ranked all-female team within the Junior Roller Derby Association!  
  • The Saltwater Sassies are an aspiring group of intermediate skaters that play against other leagues in our local area and all over California.  Sassies training is focused on the skills and strategy required to play full-contact roller derby.  
  • The Grommets Training Program is tailored for beginning level skaters who want to learn how to skate and how to play positional and light-contact roller derby.  Having learned the foundations of skating and the game, skaters 10 and up will have the opportunity to join the Saltwater Sassies if they are interested in pursuing full-contact roller derby.

Our league's coaches include skaters and officials drawn from the experience and expertise of our WFTDA league.  They are passionate about competitive roller derby and dedicated to the growth and success of all Groms skaters and junior refs.  

Come join us!  If you’re interested in joining our league , then please contact our coaches at or visit the Santa Cruz Derby Groms Facebook Page.


2017 Santa Cruz Derby Groms - Gromshells
Video by Chris Kerr

2016 Santa Cruz Derby Groms - Gromshells
Video by Chris Kerr



Groms League


Gromshells, JRDA Charter Team

Saltwater Sassies

Grommets Training Program

Photos by Arne Dietrich